Training Courses

parent coach1

This is a 2 evening lecture and a 3 day course where we will equip parents or school coaches with limited climbing knowledge or experience to be able to take their kids out on rock to lead climb and top rope safely.

I cover an intro on climbing so that they can make correct decisions in regard to gear purchases and not buy the incorrect thing and waste money or even have possible risks such as for example the danger of harness which is too big for a child.

I teach them proper warm-up, effective training systems and injury prevention stretches and exercises so that they can ensure their child can maximise their own potential safely without injury.

At the crag, they will learn how to set up a basic top rope, how the methodology works in leading and cleaning and will be taught to belay correctly. They will also be taken through the basics of climbing ethics and environmental standards required when climbing outdoors so that they can guide their child the correct way.

Lastly, they are taught about all potential mountain hazards and how to handle a mountain emergency, the correct procedures, who to contact, and what not to do. The course has a simple assessment at the end and a certificate is awarded to those who pass. Those taking part need not necessarily be climbers themselves but some degree of physical action will be involved, no previous experience is needed.

All lecture venues are close to Johannesburg and take place on Tuesday and Thursday evenings.